Hi, welcome to Yurt Baby!

A few years ago, my husband and I hatched a plan to build a yurt; we spent about nine months working on it (we built it from scratch) and moved in four days before our first baby was born.

The baby is now a toddler and the husband and I both work (mostly) at home on our very small organic farm.

You can read about our adventures and misadventures here.

2012-10-30 14.00.04

putting up the frame

washing dishes outside in the summer

washing dishes outside in the summer


a snowy winter

inside the yurt

inside the yurt


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  1. I just discovered your blog and love your posts. Are you guys still in the yurt? How’s yurt living with a toddler? Last question – how big is your yurt? 🙂

    We’re a family of four – 2 boys, 6 and 1. We’re working towards the goal of living in a yurt by the end of 2015. We’ve downsized from 2800 sqft to 1000sqft. Within the 1000, we’re trying to limit use to only 1 room instead of 2. So far so good. 🙂

    • Hi Laile! Sorry for the terribly late reply – I hibernated a bit too much this winter, I guess! To answer your questions, we are still in the yurt (we just finished our 3rd winter) and we love it with a toddler. I actually think that it makes life easier with a little one – because it is small and open, I can see/hear her no matter where I am in the yurt. She is happy to play independently in the living room while I am in the kitchen because she is still pretty much right beside me. Our yurt is 24 feet across (about 450 sqft). We are still trying to downsize (I still store a lot of stuff in containers in our barn) – I bet you have good advice! If you can go from 2800 to 1000 sqft, I definitely think you will love living in a yurt! How big of a yurt are you thinking of building? Are you planning on building a loft inside? I’m so excited for you! If you want to chat about it, I’d love to hear more!

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