No Complaints about ANYTHING – EVER


My Dad has been telling me to read Mr. Money Mustache for at least a year. He subtly emails me links to articles he thinks I would enjoy every few weeks. His efforts paid off when I had internet access this week and finally read some of the blog. Apart from the great financial advice, I particularly enjoyed his hypothesis on why people complain. He came up with a wonderful solution to the issue of complaining people: a “No F-ing Complaints about ANYTHING – EVER” rule. I would paint that rule on a big sign and hang it in my house if I didn’t think I’d offend most of our guests.

I need to take his advice and implement his “No Complaints” rule, pronto. I am a whiney whiner about a lot of things and need to suck it up. Instead of muttering “I’m cold,” I could be productive, kill two birds with one stone, and knead some bread. Energy spent hinting to the husband that “the wood is wet and not burning well,” could be better spent by helping him to fell, haul, buck, split, and pile the wood. Rather than grumbling that “I ran out of water halfway through the dishes,” I could go fill the jugs myself and bring them home on a sled.

How much more enjoyable would life be if you didn’t have to listen to your sister-in-law complain about her Facebook friends? Or sit quietly while your coworker whines about her neighbour’s early-morning snowblowing? Or hear yourself drone on about your aversion to jaywalkers. Personally, I get bored listening to myself complain; I can’t even imagine how arduous it is for others to listen to me.

So, thank you Mr. Money Mustache for telling me just what I needed to hear; I’m sure everyone in my life will be very grateful for your wise advice.


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