How Many Sweaters are YOU Wearing Today?


It was -33C/-27F outside this morning when we woke up; it was 5C/41F inside this morning. Waking up to a chilly house usually means that we slept well and didn’t wake up to stoke the fire much in the night (and by “we” I really mean my husband, because he is very nice and never makes me get up to stoke the fire in the night).  On cold mornings we bundle up, flog the fire, and do something that warms us up like make bread, dance around listening to 90’s rap stars, or vigorously clean the house.

We did the farm chores together this morning (usually Mike does them by himself) and then went for a walk around our property. One wouldn’t expect -30 to be a good temperature to take a walk, but it was a really nice morning. The sun was bright, the sky was blue, and the snow was squeaky. By the time we got back to the yurt, the temperature was acceptable and only required one extra layer of clothing. By the afternoon it felt like a normal house again.

Surprisingly, the yurt is usually the same temperature as a regular home. However, there are probably two weeks out of the year that require extra socks, sweaters, and sometimes a toque. Thankfully, the cold days are spread out over the winter and last only a few days at a time (usually).

On those cold days, I want to make sure that our daughter isn’t cold while playing on the floor so I tend to hang out down there with her. I dress her in a couple of sweaters, wool leg-warmers that her aunt knit for her, and extra-warm slippers. She is rarely cold and doesn’t seem to mind the extra fabric. She plays happily, and I forget that we live in a tent.

once she figures out how to bend in all those clothes she is pretty content

once she figures out how to bend in all those clothes she is pretty content

Having a toddler means that we spend a lot of time playing/sitting/reading on the floor, so we have a few “must-haves” to stay warm during the winter:

  • at least one wool sweater overtop of shirt
  •  long-underwear or leggings under trousers
  • wool socks
  • slippers with hard or very thick soles
  • a stack of blankets within arm’s reach of the couch

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