7 Quick Takes



We ran out of firewood this week so our friend came over to help us cut more.



 There was a caterpillar in my hair for who knows how long before Mike noticed it and took a picture. I find these little guys every time I vacuum so I scoop them up and put them in a safe place until the next time. They don’t seem to mind.



 I finally finished Alma’s doll. It took a week to knit her, and months to give her a face. Procrastinate much?

IMAG0739 IMG_6028


The doll got a face as a direct result of the guilt felt while making this bunny for my new nephew.



We left the yurt and the wee one for an entire evening (!) and went to a Gatsby party. Please note the eighty-year-old mink on my shoulder courtesy of the dress-up box/Mike’s great-great-aunt.



Despite the cold, we have been enjoying the outdoors.



Alma’s aunt and uncle sent her the greatest toy. Six different fish, six different shapes, six different colours.


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