Winter in a Yurt with a Toddler


Well, winter has set in and so far we haven’t hit a funk. I probably shouldn’t write that out of fear that tomorrow will be day of the funk, but alas, I continue. Despite the ongoing winter colds we have been fighting (I’m onto round 2 right now), we have been having a lot of fun even if we haven’t been all that productive. Mornings have consisted of playing, eating breakfast, and maybe doing something useful like sweeping the floor; afternoons consist of nursing the wee one, knitting, and relaxing while she naps on my lap. I could move her to the bed, of course, but why would I move a cuddly heater that requires nothing but relaxation on my part? I really enjoy her naps. I should be vacuuming, dejunking drawers, or cooking something for supper, but that isn’t nearly as fun.


Favoured Winter Pastimes for Toddlers in a Yurt:

  • sort the recycling; choose favourite item and hold on to it for remainder of day
  • dump the slippers basket; leave them in a pile for mom
  • put things in mom’s boots; take them out again
  • pile/unpile firewood
  • play with wooden blocks
  • dance, often without music
  • read books
  • sleep on mom while she watches reruns of Gilmore Girls

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